Guardian Council

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The Guardian Council ensures that democracy is running smoothly. They are responsible for carrying out the trials of people who breach the laws of Liberalia along with responding to petitions in the Supreme Court. They also ensure the smooth running of elections and investigate any fraudulant behaviour in respect to the trials.

The Guardian Council have run trials against Loslakia, Northern Sushi, Supreme Chancellor Vallidorium, and Prime Minister Kurt.

The main laws that they have regard to are Preservation of Democracy Act (PoDA); Liberalia Election Bill; The Guardians of Liberalian Democracy; High Court Act; Judicial Code of Liberalia; The Liberalian Trial Bill 2006; The Election Conduct Act; Election Security Act; Supreme Court Act and Banning of External Spies Act.

Past and Present Members

Ardalia (Permanent)

Carops (Permanent)

Curiaistan (Permanent)


Fernetti (Temporary)

Fishyguy (Temporary)

Forthampton (Temporary)

Four Hectares


Julio Trigman (Impeached)

Loslakia (Sacked)



Random Textbox Inputs (Permanent)


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